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An all-inclusive payment processing solution for Brick & Mortar and eCommerce

Start delivering impressive payment experiences to your customers today.

Accept all types of payments

Our payment processing software covers all the main payment channels and platforms, including:

Credit Cards - Pulling a credit card out of wallet for shopping, spending, purchasing, credit rating


Send your customer a text where they can easily pay online contactless from anywhere.

Regardless if your customer is on the phone or in your store you can send them a text message with a payment link for them to go online on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and even phone and pay you quickly, easily, and securely. This is also a great contactless solution for you and your customers.

Virtual Terminal

Run a Sale direct from any browser through our feature-rich gateway.

Payment terminal with contactless credit card and laptop

Reduce your credit card processing fees

Surcharging and cash discount programs designed to help increase your profit margin.

Cash Discount Program

Lower your credit card processing fees by encouraging your customers to pay by cash.

Surcharging Program

Avoid the burden of the expenses that come with credit card processing through our surcharging program.

Our program allows merchants to pass credit card processing fees onto the customers to help them potentially save money and also improves the convenience of card use for your customers.