Restaurant order taking app
Receive online orders from your website and Facebook page directly on a smartphone or tablet
Receive and accept orders with the restaurant order taking app

Each order you receive is instantly pushed to your order taking app. The phone rings, giving you 3 minutes to review and confirm the order.


Real time order confirmation, instant client satisfaction

Your client holds the line while you review the order and receives the confirmation as soon as you send it.

The quick feedback reassures your client that his/her order is being taking care of, while you can get started without other follow up calls.


Why food clients love our real-time ordering


They can order from anywhere at their own pace

No busy lines

Online, your clients never get a busy tone

No misunderstandings

They can always check their cart to see added items

Fast order confirmation

You can confirm their order in real time

No phone calls

All order confirmations are made online

Always in the loop

We keep people informed via a real-time info progress bar while you confirm the order

Automatically print accepted orders directly from the app

Wait, there’s more…

The restaurant order taking app gives you robust options to automatically print the orders right after you accept them:

• Thermal printer connected to the app
• Sms order to printer


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