Expand your payment methods today

Sharpen your competitive edge by offering customers more digital payment methods

The digital wallet is mightier than
the physical one

Get the “right-fit” payment solution for your
business and customers

Boost engagement rates

Payment flexibility enhances convenience and provides an incentive for customers to transact today, and keep coming back in the future

Enhance customer trust and preference

Build your credibility and gain customer trust by offering more payment options

Boost revenue opportunities

A broad range of payment options equals more opportunities to grow revenue and attract new customers

Fire-proof online business

When a payment issue occurs, a full range of payment options offers “service insurance” because alternatives can be provided quickly to minimize disruption

Types of payment methods we accept

Make payments easier for you and your customers

Our payment processing software covers all the main payment channels and platforms, including:

Credit card
Debit card
Chip, Swipe & Dip

Ready easier and more payment

Providing a seamless payment experience with little to no friction can make the difference
between a customer visiting your shop once or becoming a regular.

Payment methods that fit your business environment

Our payment solutions enable your customers to pay whenever, wherever and however they want

Whether you are selling fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, groceries, flights, furniture, insurance, and more, we have payment methods for all products and services and sizes.

We believe in “payment of Star”, and our offerings cover the more traditional – credit card, debit card, and chip and swipe, to relatively newer entrants such as contactless and Apple and Google pay.

These options are complemented by a comprehensive range of payment terminals fit for your business and purpose, and POS systems to enhance the customer sales experience while also reducing your costs, admin and financial reporting time.

Let your customers choose their preferred payment methods

Customers embrace the freedom of Star Payment Systems

With unique payment preferences, your customers have a diverse set of payment needs.

This is why we have stepped up to meet these needs through our comprehensive suite of POS systems and payment methods.

And as tech never sleeps – we constantly add new payment options to meet your customers’ ever-changing tastes, demands and lifestyles.

Join our family of merchants, leverage our POS ecosystem

Make Star Payment systems your business partner and processor

Accepting and processing retail payments has never been this easy. Our POS systems and support can.